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virtual reality

Monday, 30 April 2018 by

In 2014, an April Fools video went viral, racking up 18 million views in wildfire fashion. The video was a prank mashup of Google Maps and Pokemon, and its popularity subsequently inspired the creation of the Pokemon-Go app, launched by Niantic Inc. in 2016. For many of us, Pokemon-Go was our first brush with Augmented

Private jets are the ultimate symbol of luxury; you don’t have to stand in long lines at the airport, arrive hours prior to departure, or sit squashed amongst hundreds of unknown people without any privacy. Travelling via private jet offers you comfort, privacy and convenience that no commercial airline can. While some private jets are

Experience the adventures! Visit the UAE

Wednesday, 17 August 2016 by

United Nations World Tourism Organisation, UNWTO, considers tourism as one of the fastest growing sectors in the world. Within the different categories of tourism, the fastest growing is adventure tourism. The UAE provides tourists umpteen opportunities to experience soft* adventures that are perfect for rejuvenation or recreation. It not only helps tourists enjoy a one-off

Women are an integral part of society. Not only have they proved their competence in managing and raising families, they are now entrepreneurs and paving their way forward leading multinational entities guiding and impacting the business world. We look at some of the brightest minds that are influencing and impacting the different realms of society

The recent past has seen countries in the Middle East employ impressive resources to encourage art and artists in the region. The region is also vying to bring on board established museums and art galleries not just to encourage arts and artists in the Middle East but to attract the attention of artists and collectors

Superyachts, an epitome of luxury and affluence, are by definition, a yacht over 24 metres (79 feet) in length. (That’s roughly about the length of a tennis court!)  They can be powered by motor or sail and require dedicated staff such as engineers, captains and stewards.  The growing extravagance offered by a superyacht has given

  1. “The Middle East offers a tried and tested marketplace for investors with less risk than those normally associated with emerging markets”. (Source: Matthew Green, head of research and consulting, CBRE Middle East). This is due to the high rank the UAE holds in terms of having one of the world’s highest disposable incomes.

As part of our initiative to spread the knowledge we’ve acquired, we bring you the Oud Edition. (In case you missed the introduction here is the link). Oud – Drops of Liquid Gold – It comes from the wood of the Southeast Asia Agar Tree (Or Aquilaria), once the wood gets infected with a specific

As part of our initiative to spread the knowledge we’ve acquired, we bring you the Golf Edition. (In case you missed the introduction here is the link: For all those of you who have always wanted to start golfing but didn’t know where to start. Golf scoring terms: Par: The expected number of strokes

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